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A great addition to your food cabinet. An inexpensive way to protect valuables for less than $50, a very effective safe way to protect everything from diamonds to precious family heirlooms. YOU do not have to spend a fortune doing so.Diversion Safes and the Criminal MentalityThere are two surprising aspects to home burglary that explain why diversion safes work. Here’s the first: most burglars head right to the master bedroom upon entering a home because they know that’s where they will find easily pawned items like jewelry, small electronics, etc. They also now that the master bedroom is a good place to find cash.The second thing to note is that the average burglary takes less than 10 minutes. Burglars are cowards who want to spend as little time as possible in a home in order to minimize the chances of being caught. So if a burglar heads to the master bedroom and spends five minutes rummaging around, that leaves him or her only five minutes to cover the rest of the house. He or she is not likely to go check every coffee creamer can or open what he/she thinks is a can of creamer. This is why diversion safes work. They are designed around the fundamental rule that burglars are very time sensitive. By designing a safe that looks like an ordinary household product, manufactures give property owners a great opportunity to hide their valuables in plain sight knowing that most burglars are in too much of a hurry for serious investigation.

coffee creamer plastic safe

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