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Up to 80 percent of deaths from fire tragedies result from inhaling smoke and toxic fumes. 

With an Evacuation Mask,  you  have more time to get to safety and escape away from the smoke, gas, and fumes.

It has an air filter that blocks the smoke or fumes for up to 30 minutes and a heat-resistant hood keeps your head safe from radiant heat.

It also has a clear visor that protects your eyes from smoke heat and a reflective construction to help first responders see you.

The fire mask will fit adults and teen as young as 15-years-old. This is an emergency device  made for one time use and not reuseable.  A two-year shelf-life makes the  Fire Evacuation Mask an affordable must-have for any fire emergency plan. ONE TIME USE ONLY. Like so many of our products that help you ,worry less and live more secure with products that protect.

Fire protective mask

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